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Jim Cramer: Why This Week Is 'Hell Week' for the Markets

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Jim Cramer weighed in on why the markets are struggling to get through the week. 

"We've been saying over and over again, this was the week from hell. I predicted this week from hell and it's the week from hell. So what we're gonna do is we're going to take the money on, talked to explain this, and the club will take the money and start reapplying after the week from Hell's over," explained Cramer. "But it's hell week. So kind of like hazing, kind of like hazing. I like that. Well, I mean it's, it's kind of incredible that we're being driven. The market is being driven by tweets. Well, the Panama City doctrine was very important because what the president said is that the Chinese are paying the terrorists and that's really good."

How to Navigate Market Volatility 

With the markets going haywire, there's no better time to kick off Jim Cramer's next investing club call. Jim will walk you through everything from portfolio management to the new names that have found their way into the portfolio. Here's how you can watch.

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