Jim Cramer Has Some Advice for Investors Following a Rough Week in the Markets

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Let's talk about the markets.

Stock rose Friday but came well off their highs following Wall Street's dramatic losses from Thursday and from the week that were brought about by fears of the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

The U.S. now has 1,700 coronavirus cases, with 41 deaths. Worldwide, there are over 135,000 cases, with 5,000 deaths.

Jim Cramer's Thoughts 

"Re-evaluating on the fly. It's one of the most difficult jobs out there. You are trying to figure out what to pay for something and no sooner do you arrive at a price than it is taken out by some seller who is so anxious to get out that your rational analysis means nothing," wrote Cramer.

"I know that it must seem novel to many of you. It's always shocking when sellers are willing to bolt well below where you are willing to buy. It makes you think that your homework is worthless. What's the point of figuring out what something is worth if there are sellers that are willing to accept far less than you are willing to pay?" Cramer wrote in his Real Money column on Friday morning.

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