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Why Jim Cramer Doesn't Think the Market Is Looking Long-Term

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Jim Cramer's weighing in on the market. 

When asked whether or not the market is thinking more long-term as opposed to short-term, Cramer said that the market is focusing on the numbers over the weekend, which shows slowing death rates around the world.

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Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
Let's take a look at the markets. We're seeing a rally in the major indices this morning. Do you think that the market is thinking more long term as opposed to short term because they know that we will one day eradicate coronavirus?

Jim Cramer:
No, opposite, the opposite. I think that the market is reacting to the fact that things didn't get worse over the weekend. They got a little better, and what you see is people just constantly trading off of death numbers and ventilator numbers and numbers involving peak and the curve. I think that's a shame. It'll let you down. It'll let you down because there'll be a spike number that makes it so that you got it wrong, or it will be a number which makes it indicate that perhaps you were premature.

Jim Cramer:
So this is a good example for what we're doing with Action Alerts, which is we're raising money. We were bold enough to put money to work when the market was bad, but now we have to raise money because the market's good. I think a lot of people who buy stuff right here will end up buying something that does not hold up. So this is a time if you follow your bulletins to do some selling, not to do some buying.

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