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Jim Cramer: Get Off of the Recession Treadmill

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Jim Cramer penned a Real Money column Monday about why investors shouldn't be too worried about a recession for now.

"Is the big theme of this moment that we are taking a recession back off the table? It sure seems like it. A lessening in trade tensions with China and a possible resolution with Brexit might be driving things but we are also getting some anecdotal evidence from this quarter's earnings season that is telling us not to be too negative," wrote Cramer.

So, when asked whether or not the recession bells would be taken out of the closet if the Federal Reserve decides not to cut rates next week, Cramer responded, "No, let's get away from that. Let's get away from that treadmill. And now you know, there's some people [whose being] is to do nothing but talk about the Fed. So they're not going to get away from the treadmill, but get off of it. What you should focus on is how well a company's doing and how well company is prepared to do."

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