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Jim Cramer Wants GameStop, AMC Stocks Higher

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Jim Cramer has some thoughts on Braveheart, AMC, and GameStop...

"How can a company's stock be hostage to its own shareholders to do the job that the company can't?" Asked Jim Cramer in his Real Money column on Tuesday morning. "But that's what happens when WallStreetBets took over the flow of certain stocks and made it clear that they were the bosses, not the company, not Wall Street analysts, not Wall Street professionals and, most important, not the short-sellers."

"To me this method of buying does not represent anything remotely considered to be investing. Sure, it's OK to care what your fellow shareholders might do. In fact, I have been deeply focused on knowing what your compadres might do. That's because it's vital to try to find out what an Archegos might do. For example, when I saw big trades before the market opened in Tencent (TME) and Baidu (BIDU) I thought something was wrong at the companies. Nope, that was Goldman Sachs (GS) shrewdly dumping the shares that Archegoes had in these names to protect their own balance sheet. Talk about important knowledge," he continued.

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