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Jim Cramer: What Football Teaches Investors About Listening to Experts

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Jim Cramer recently wrote about Costco  (COST) - Get Costco Wholesale Corporation Report and listening to the pros over the amateurs in his Real Money.

"How many times when you are watching an NFL game do you think that the quarterback makes a wrong move and it turns out that the offensive line let the blitzers come in unimpeded? How often do you think that a defender botched coverage allowing a touchdown only to realize that another player was supposed to help out and failed to do so?" wrote Cramer on Tuesday. "It's totally reasonable that you drew conclusions that the quarterback or the cornerback showed bad judgment and didn't know what they were doing. But once you hear from a professional, not an amateur, but a professional, about what really happened, you have to surrender to the pro's judgment because it's the truth, it is what happened, it's what the coach and even the players involved would say if they were mic'd. It's the reality of the situation: the amateur is exposed, the professional, of course, prevails, because he is right."

Read the full column here. 

And yes, when it comes to football, Cramer knows what's he's talking about. Catch his bi-weekly fantasy football show on Bull Market Fantasy.  It's hosted by Sports Illustrated's Bill Enright and it airs Tuesday and Thursday's, right here at

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Editor's note. This video first published 12/8/2020

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