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Jim Cramer: J.B. Hunt or Kareem Hunt?

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Football season is back, baby. 

There's real football and that comes in the shape of the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Houston Texans on Thursday night.

And with the return of football season, comes the return of Bull Market Fantasy--the fantasy football show that's hosted by Sports Illustrated's Bill Enright and Jim Cramer. 

Don't know what Bull Market Fantasy is?

Cramer and Bill Enright are pumped to be back for Season 2 which starts on Thursday, Sept. 10 at 4:00 pm (EST) which is just a few hours before the 2020 NFL season kicks-off with the Texans and Chiefs.

Cramer and Enright are dedicated to not only helping you win but making you a better and smarter fantasy football player and sports gambler. They not only entertain, but they educate!"

You can watch it here. 

So, the question remains, how can investors find the best fantasy players for their portfolios?

Cramer laid it out in his Real Money column on Thursday.

"I long for the old days when the hedge funds didn't run tens of billions of dollars and they had ideas, ideas that they picked, not the analysts who work at their nameplate. The big trigger pullers and the smaller young investors are now at cross-purposes. Instead of educating them or helping them identify opportunities, they say there are none. They have become as valueless as politicians, maybe even greedier," he wrote.

"If you are looking for opportunity you don't need to hit the mute button. But you need to recognize that these people aren't even talking their stock book anymore, they are just talking some binary like-or-hate, sit-or-start positioning about bond and stock indices that are big enough to handle their money. You want to find the best fantasy players -- they want to bet the team. Or own it," Cramer continued.

Read the full article here. 

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