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Jim Cramer: Facebook Has Become Washington’s ‘Punching Bag’

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In case you missed it, he Federal Trade Commission could reportedly seek to stop Facebook from further integrating apps that regulators might look to separate as part of a future breakup of the company. The move would primarily impact Facebook’s undefined future efforts to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

While some investors may worry that the spotlight is turning back to big tech M&A, Jim Cramer told research analyst Zev Fima that this case is likely specific to Facebook.

“We don’t know what the FTC is going to do…and I personally doubt they {FTC] can get that injunction…they have to demonstrate harm and I don’t think they can,” Cramer said.

Cramer added that the move from the FTC reflects the culture and ethos problems at Facebook. “One thing Facebook has done wrong is they they have nobody in Washington that likes them,” Cramer said, adding, “Until they begin to empower people in a personal way…they will continue to be hassled because they’re a punching bag.”

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