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Jim Cramer Weighs in on President Trump's Exxon and Fauci Comments Monday

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President Donald Trump described a hypothetical situation where he called the head of Exxon Mobile in a campaign speech Monday in an apparent attempt to demonstrate how easily he could outdo Democrat Joe Biden in fundraising.

"I would be the greatest fundraiser in history,” Trump boasted during a speech in Arizona. “All I have to do is call up the head of every Wall St. firm, the head of every major company, the head of every major energy company. 'Do me a favor, send me $10 million for my campaign.' 'Yes sir.' they say."

Trump went on to say, “Don't forget, I'm not bad at that [fundraising] stuff anyway, and I'm president. So I call some guy, the head of Exxon. I call the head of Exxon. I don't know,” Trump said going on to describe the conversation “How are you doing? How’s energy coming? When are you doing the exploration? Oh, you need a couple of permits, huh? Okay.”

Trump continued, "I would hit a home run every single call. I would raise a billion dollars in one day, if I wanted to."

Trump's campaign has fallen behind Biden's in fundraising in recent weeks, forcing the president to curtail TV advertising in many states.

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