Tesla (TSLA - Get Report) CEO Elon Musk is still in hot water with the SEC about his Twitter presence.

Jim Cramer flagged three different scenarios that he believes could take place from the Judge Nathan's decision.

Here's what he's thinking:

1. She can remove him from the CEO job so he no longer has the ability to even know what is material and can't speak for the company. That may be necessary, because it is obvious on the face of it that Musk can't control himself and doesn't even want to have a process that he agreed to.

2. She can make the violation criminal and actually sentence him to prison. That is a hard call, but one that would per se remove him from the right to be running a public company.

3. She can put a special master on the board to control him.

Here's why Jim Cramer thinks that one of the only ways to keep Elon Musk's tweets from being material is to remove him from day-to-day operations, which would--in Cramer's own words--be pretty severe. 

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