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What Home Office Tells Jim Cramer About What Comes After Dow 30,000

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Jim Cramer says that investors are still building their home offices, which is why he thinks that the Dow can keep pushing all-time highs.

"How can the Dow Jones Industrial Average be hitting all-time highs while hospitals are overflowing with COVID patients?, Jim Cramer asked his Mad Money viewers Tuesday. Well, the markets' surge to new heights stems from 10 "tipping points" which have been driving its momentum, he said," Scott Rutt wrote in his Mad Money recap on Wednesday, Nov. 24. 

"The flight to the suburbs was Cramer's next market driver, one that's boosting everything housing-related. Next was the surge in younger, so-called Robinhood investors, which are entering the market for the first time. These investors are helping in the next tipping point, which are buyers overwhelming the sellers as new secondary offerings of stock are hitting the market," he continued.

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