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Why Jim Cramer Is Skeptical About DoorDash Stock

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 Earlier this week, Cramer questioned the valuation of DoorDash  (DASH) - Get Free Report

"I think that the stock of DoorDash, a company that at one point might not even look like it could come public because of its losses, may soon be threatened not by more restaurants but by more vaccines. Another insight I have gleaned in seven years in the restaurant business: as much as people like to have food delivered at home, it is with the exception of a handful of cuisines, notably Asian and pizza, a distinctly second-rate experience. Don't get me started on how much I hate takeout from a restaurant point of view, especially when our profits come from our mixed drinks," Cramer wrote in his Real Money column

"Even if we made money on food, which we don't - it is a goodwill gesture and a chance to get our very nice bag used outside for advertising - the chances of a bad meal increase exponentially with delivery. Our Mexican food has a half life of about 15 minutes before most of the dishes just aren't as good as if you have them at the restaurant. I am debating charging more money for delivery to encourage you to come into Bar San Miguel when we re-open if only because I need the darned quality control," he continued. 

So what does he think of the stock after earnings?

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