Jim Cramer: Don't Trade on Every Trade Headline

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The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that negotiators for both the U.S. and China were working toward an agreement that could delay $160 billion in tariffs set to kick in on Dec. 15.

The report from The Wall Street Journal reversed sharper declines earlier on Wall Street as investors keyed on the start of the two-day Federal Reserve meeting and monitored developments in the slow-moving trade talks between Washington and Beijing.

But Jim Cramer isn't so convinced that the newest headline in the U.S.-China trade war is going to pan out. 

In fact, Cramer says that he thinks investors should hold off on putting their weight behind a headline unless the President himself gets on camera to announce it. 

"The idea that there was a story floated in the Wall Street Journal about how the Chinese are saying that the president has to delay the tariffs is emblematic of what I have come to disdain about the reporting. I speak to both sides obviously....Larry Kudlow was my partner for years. I know Peter Navarro from college. I think the distinguishing factor is that we don't know whether there's a deal, and I don't want to mislead our viewers into buying stocks because they think there is a deal," said Cramer.

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