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Jim Cramer: Don't Always Listen to the Billionaires

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In Jim Cramer's Real Money column this morning he wrote that investors shouldn't alway listen to the billionaires that are so bearish on the market and that there are still companies in the market worth investing in. Later from the floor of the stock exchange he expanded on his thoughts:

"The number of billionaires who have said do not invest or it's about to end or the market's bad. There's just too many of them. It's myriad and they've all made a lot of money. They all don't need to make money again. I was with someone who is a billionaire, last week and he wanted to know what stocks that I like I wouldn't give any stocks. You don't need stocks, you're already rich. But what I just said, look, you know, okay, so he's a billionaire, so therefore he's smarter than I am, so do what he says or try to better yourself."

Watch the video above to see what else Cramer had to say about billionaires.

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