Jim Cramer: Disney+ Isn't For Me

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Jim Cramer and TheStreet's Katherine Ross debate the merits of Disney+, Disney's new streaming program, on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Cramer says the new streaming offering isn't for him—or his kids, for that matter, who are young adults now.

"My kids would say, 'We have Netflix and we can't afford everything,'" said Cramer. "Are my kids emblematic? I think so."

In such a crowded streaming market, with offerings like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, Amazon Video, and more, Cramer questions whether buyers will shell out the addition dough for Disney+.

But Ross counters that for young kids, Disney+ is a staple, and Cramer agrees. 

"It just has to do with age. Disney is not necessarily a product that I want, but it's a necessity," said Cramer.

For more of Jim Cramer's take on Disney+, watch the video above.

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