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Why Jim Cramer Thinks Investors Should Worry About China

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Should China Concern Investors?

That's the focus of Jim Cramer's Real Money column this morning.

"Is China making any effort at all to try to ameliorate the deteriorating relationship between their country and ours? It seems to get worse by the day even as there had been hope in the business community that things would get less tense and the Chinese economy is booming - witness the 18% economic growth announced just last night," Cramer wrote.

"It would have been easy for the Chinese to walk back any of the charges that former Vice President Mike Pence leveled at Hudson Institute in October of 2018. Pence used that appearance to lay out a new cold war strategy not unlike the one our nation used to combat the old Soviet Union after World War II."

"In that speech, the strongest ever by an official against China, the vice president accused China of everything from meddling in state and local elections in our country to torturing and imprisoning one million Muslims, while cracking down on Buddhists causing 150 monks to set themselves on fire," he continued. 

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