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Jim Cramer Says Wall Street Cares More About COVID Than Election Results

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There still isn't a winner of the presidential election as of Thursday, Nov. 5. According to the Associated Press, former Vice President Joe Biden has 264 electoral college votes and President Donald Trump has 214 votes. 

We are still waiting to hear from key states such as Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania, all of which would need to turn for President Donald Trump to give him any chance of reaching the 270 Electoral Vote threshold.

Trump's campaign team has filed suits in Pennsylvania and Georgia to stop counting certain votes and is also seeking a recount in Wisconsin, a state projected for Biden yesterday, but investors have largely ignored post-election disputes on the assumption of a firm and decisive mandate for the former Vice President in the coming days.

So, what should investors do right now?

Jim Cramer says that right now Wall Street and investors are paying more attention to the coronavirus than where we are in electing the next President of the United States. 

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