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Here's What Jim Cramer Means When He Says 'Do Your Homework'

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Jim Cramer's got some advice for investors looking to do their homework on a company. 

Curious about where you should go if you're looking for some company information while you're doing your investing homework?

Cramer was asked that question on his exclusive, members-only Action Alerts PLUS July call. 

Here's what he had to say. 

"Well, first I've got to tell you, the world's changed rather dramatically and I like to go to the website first. There's an investor tab. It's going to have all the different things you need," explained Cramer. "If you have access then maybe someone can get you some research. I like that. What I like is if you know that you like something, know the product, go to the website, you have to be able to. This is important. You have to be able to somewhat read a balance sheet, and I say somewhat because in Stay Mad For Life, I taught you how to read a balance sheet, simple enough to be able to make it so that you're not confused about cash flow."

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