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Jim Cramer: Can Boeing Rebrand the 737 MAX?

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Boeing  (BA) - Get The Boeing Company Report is once again in the headlines. 

This time, CNBC reported that the company is in talks with banks to secure loans of $10 billion or more. 

The banks that are committed to the loan include Citigroup, Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

CNBC said the loan Boeing is currently negotiating will likely be a delayed-draw loan, meaning Boeing can tap into it later, a move that may not immediately impact its credit rating.

 So far, Boeing has secured around $6 billion.

The news comes after the company disclosed yet another software issue with the 737 MAX. 

Boeing said it was addressing a new software issue that it discovered during a technical review of its updated system.

During a flight testing audit two weekends ago, the 737’s two flight computers were reportedly not communicating with each other at startup.

Boeing said it was unclear how long the fix will take, but it will be completed as other return-to-service updates are conducted.

But, Jim Cramer is paying attention to more than just the loans and the software issue. 

His immediate concern with Boeing?

He said he's still paying attention to whether or not Boeing can rebrand the 737 MAX when it's eventually ready for the skies. 

The stock of Boeing, which trades around $320 a share, is down nearly 12% in the past year. 

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