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Jim Cramer on Nvidia's Earnings

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Let's talk about Nvidia's  (NVDA)  earnings.

Earnings came in at $1.89 a share, beating expectations for $1.67 a share.

Revenue came in at $3.11 billion. The beat was led largely by the data center.

In its earnings call, Nvidia  (NVDA) CFO Collette Kress talked about the impact the coronavirus could have on the company.

“While it is still early and the ultimate effect is difficult to estimate, we have reduced our Q1 revenue outlook by $100 million to account for the potential impact,” Kress said.

"It's really still quite early in terms of trying to figure out what the impact from the overall coronavirus may be, so we're not necessarily precise in terms of our estimate," Kress told investors. "Our estimates are split between an impact possibly on gaming and data center pretty much equally. The $100 million also reflects what may be supply challenges or maybe overall demand. But we're still looking at those to get a better understanding where we think that might be."

Nvidia is up around 75% in the past year. 

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