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How Jim Cramer Spots a Bull Market

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How can you spot an area that's a bull market?

Jim Cramer tackled this question in his Real Money column.

"Let's take a realist approach: We keep hearing every day that the two sides are talking. I wish they would stop talking because all they are doing is creating false hope. I believe both sides think that it's a win if the great middle class loses because they can each blame the other side for the pending catastrophe. I am not a political guy, and I don't want to be involved at all, but it is important to recognize that there may be a stimulus plan someday, but you have to stop investing with the idea that it is going to come to the rescue. There is no stimulus cavalry. There is too much infighting. Don't be Custer; get a gameplan," Cramer wrote in his Real Money column on Monday evening. 

"For weeks now, I have been recommending to you the bull markets that are created by a pandemic run wild with no help from Washington. But day after day I have said you must wait for the stocks to come down before you buy. Now that they are coming down, I can't tell you that I don't trust my own work. Instead, I am going to suggest to you that you start to put a buying plan into action," he continued.

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