Financial literacy is important for any investor. 

Jim Cramer breaks down some of the most important topics for any investor.

Cramer kicked off the interview by saying that Thursday, Oct. 18 is "dispiriting" and that the economy is getting close to "retest territory."

Cramer is hosting an Action Alerts Plus conference call at 11:30 a.m. ET Thursday, where he said he'll be focusing on the theme of "is this the last good quarter?"

The September Federal Reserve Minutes

The Federal Reserve released its September minutes Wednesday, Oct. 17. The minutes showed the Fed's determination to remain hawkish and hike rates one more time before the year ends. 

In his Real Money column Thursday morning, Cramer took a look at how the Fed is hurting regional banks. 

"I can't believe how stark the move is. Beginning with PNC Financial (PNC) and extending to First Horizon National (FHN) , two high-quality regionals, there has been a shocking exodus of buyers as loan growth, market share and profits have all been under pressure, chiefly from non-banks that have cut margins to shreds in many loan categories," Cramer wrote. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Ever heard of it?

Cramer will break it down in case you haven't.

But, in a summary, it's the emergence of new cloud technology and other new developments in the tech sector. 

Cramer is keeping a close eye on it, so listen to how he breaks it down.