Jim Cramer Breaks Down the Markets, Investing Advice and His Thoughts on the Federal Reserve

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Happy Monday. 

Jim Cramer and Katherine Ross are breaking down the latest headlines live. 

However, to honor CDC's recommendations, Cramer Skyped into TheStreet's studios. 

How are the Markets Looking?

Stocks plummeted Monday after being halted from trading pretty much right after the markets opened as investors weighed the deepening economic hit from the coronavirus pandemic and the Federal Reserve and other global central banks took emergency measures to prop up capital markets and liquidity.

What's on Cramer's Mind?

As we stare into still one more futures abyss, at what point do we simply say, okay, this period doesn't count? At what point do we look at balance sheets and say we should pick these stocks or avoid those stocks because they can't withstand a prolonged downturn? I want to explore a concept that I have been loath to consider because I think it is always vital to keep the markets open," wrote Cramer in a late night column on Real Money last night.

"Consider this, though. Our markets used to be the place where companies, both new and used, so to speak, can raise capital. It's been since the Great Recession that we have seen many underwritings of already public companies although we have seen insider selling secondaries from time to time," he continued.

So, is now the time to close the markets for a vacation until we can rein in the volatility?

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