Jim Cramer Breaks Down the Markets, Coronavirus, Jobs Report

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Let's talk about the markets. 

Jim Cramer weighed in on the markets, which were plummeting in intraday trading. 

He also had some thoughts on the coronavirus, the jobs report and read the ticker tape.

An Update on the Coronavirus

Cases worldwide have surpassed 100,000, with over 3,200 deaths.

U.S. cases have surpassed 230, with 12 deaths.

Lawmakers approved a $8.3 billion emergency spending package to halt its advance in the world's biggest economy.

And the president of the Tokyo 2020 olympics, Yoshiro Mori, has reportedly said that it would be impossible to cancel the games.

Japan currently has over 300 cases, with six deaths.

Then There's the Jobs Report

While the market didn't blink an eye, the jobs report came in very strong with 273,000. That handily beat the expectations for 175,000.

Watch the full video above for more from Cramer.

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