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Jim Cramer Breaks Down How to Set Up Your Investing Strategy

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Setting up an investment strategy is important. 

But, it's also important to listen to differentiating opinions on what that strategy should be. 

Jim Cramer weighed in on how his advice for anyone looking to set up an investing strategy. 

"If you go to my Twitter feed, you'll see a lot of people saying, what do you think of X? And I would like them to see on the one hand and on the other suitability, which is really an important issue that can't really be addressed unless you had the contrasting views because you don't know what's suitable for you. But if you knew what the risk is and the reward is, which is what contrasting views would do, I think you would have a much better view of what's suitable for you. And that's been a big problem. There are a lot of people don't know what's suitable for them, so I love it. I love divided opinions. It's really terrific. It's one of the things that [Real Money does] best always have since we started 24 years ago," explained Cramer.   

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