Jim Cramer: Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun Is a 'Uniter'

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How's Boeing  (BA) - Get Report looking?

When asked about his thoughts on Boeing as Calhoun's month anniversary at the helm of the company fast approaches, Cramer responded, "Calhoun is a uniter."

"I think that the idea, I feel this is something that I would tell you under Calhoun. I'm beginning to get the sense those terrible emails that we read, those were outliers. And that that's not Boeing. I know that it looked like it was Boeing and I think people could say, Oh Jim, you're being sentimental or you've always loved Boeing cause your father cheered when he saw them in World War II," said Cramer. "But I come back and say maybe the Boeing of this Boeing with Calhoun is the Boeing of [former CEO James] McNerney and you're also getting to hear that there are other people around him. The changes he's made are very, very good.My hope is that he keeps Greg Smith, the CFO, who has been faithful to the tradition of Boeing all along."

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