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Jim Cramer Answers the Top Questions Wall Street Faces Amidst COVID-19

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Between the market volatility, and the coronavirus pandemic, a constant level of anxiety may have become the norm for some investors. 

So, what should investors do now? Jim Cramer's weighing in on some of the top questions investors face in this market. 

Here's What's on Cramer's Mind 

Here's what Cramer wrote in his Real Money column late Tuesday. 

"It's time for thinking big. It's time for being creative. It's time for understanding that the next few days may determine how our nation fares for many years to come. First, let's frame the dilemma. We are a service economy. We are an economy that thrives on coming together and congregating, particularly among the young," wrote Cramer. 

"Sadly this diabolical illness has our number. It knows that the younger people are going to find a way to congregate. It knows that these people can play the role of Typhoid Mary. They will then infect their parents and their grandparents. I keep hearing we don't have enough data about who gets ill and who dies," he continued.

So, what should investors do now? Stay in ETF's? Look into individual names?

Cramer outlines his advice for investors.

Watch the full video above for more. And, in case you missed it, here are the top five questions Cramer answered Tuesday.

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