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Jim Cramer Answers 5 Questions Around Cooperation During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Have some questions?

Jim Cramer, hopefully, has some answers. 

He broke down what investors need to know about cooperation during Tuesday's TheStreet Live With Jim Cramer and Katherine Ross.

Cramer was asked about the cooperation between the Republicans and Democrats as the two sides work out compromises to push through the $2 trillion stimulus package. When asked whether or not the package is enough to keep the economy afloat, here's what Cramer had to say.

"Yeah. Well, it can be levered if the treasury sector would get $500 billion of which he agreed this morning in my interview. I asked speaker Pelosi agreed to have oversight, any oversight that she wanted, but that can be levered up to $4 trillion. That can keep the country in business but doing nothing until we get test test test. We're not going to be able to be in a situation with this community demand until we're quarantining people over 70 who are most at risk and testing the people who go back to work and perhaps everybody has to go to work wearing a mask and wearing gloves, wearing goggles. I don't care. We need to get people back to work, but we can't have them back to work if they don't have the conviction that if they get tested, they will have to wait a ridiculous amount if there are no tests and it's one of the things I think that has been totally misjudged here," Cramer answered. 

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