Jim Cramer Answers 5 Questions Ahead of the Weekend

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It's jobs day.

However, March was the first month in nearly 10 years that saw the jobs number dip into the negative. 

So, aside from the jobs number, what is Jim Cramer watching?

He weighs in on the markets and the economy on TheStreet Live.

Here's what he thinks about the jobs report:

"I was surprised to see how much white-collar was lost. I think everyone expected really bad numbers in restaurant, hotel/leisure, but this white-collar decline. It's very curious. It's unexpected. I think that it, therefore, makes this thing broader than just small business. Or these small businesses that ... This kind of layoff is a layoff that says ... What's happening is, there will be companies that are traditional, let's say law firms. Small banks. And they're laying people because they're just saying, "We're not going to get the kind of business that we thought were going to get," said Cramer. 

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