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Jim Cramer Answers 5 Questions Ahead of Good Friday

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Happy Thursday!

No, it only feels like a Friday since the market is closed tomorrow. 

So, ahead of the long weekend, what is Jim Cramer watching?

Well, when asked what was top of mind for him, he had one answer: The Federal Reserve.

"The Fed, they just kind of went nuts. They said, "Listen, by any means necessary and here are the means." And what they did, if you want to measure what they really did, just hit up a thing called the HYG Index. Okay. That's an index of high yield bonds and it's up four. It was so heavily shorted, it's up 81 now. I think you can go all the way back to... And then you go to like 85 and what's happened is that the Fed is saying if there's a low, a high yield bond, you're fine. We understand that we got to stay out of depression. We're going to err in favor of giving you credit and backing up the credit. We just have to do that because we have to avoid a depression and that's what they took off the table today was the depression, which is great. Because depression has been on the table," said Cramer. 

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