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Jim Cramer Answers 5 Questions Ahead of the End of the Quarter

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Jim Cramer has some answers for investors as the quarter winds down. 

He took five questions about the end of the quarter--and the start of a new month. Once, the start of spring would have reassured many, but with the ever-looming concern around the coronavirus and the strict orders to stay indoors, spring isn't so...well, springy anymore.

So, for those grappling with another month of isolation, what's Cramer's advice?

Let's start with what Cramer's watching.

What's On Cramer's Mind?

Cramer is taking a close look at the Abbott  (ABT) - Get Free Report test, which can deliver a positive or negative result in around five minutes.

Here's what he wrote in his Real Money column Tuesday.

"Until Monday. Monday, we learned that we have a test that can detect fellow travelers, the fifth column of Covid-19, and detect in five minutes. Sure, it is only 50,000 a day to start, but this is Abbott Labs we are talking about, Abbott Labs is our viral tank against Covid, because if the people learn they have it, they will have to self-quarantine. Once again, our free society keeps those people from doing what's wrong if they want to, but it's a start. No more amorphous two million tests per week at Walmart (WMT) or Walgreen's (WBA) lots. Those Potemkin villages could be history," wrote Cramer.

Watch the video above for more.

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