Jim Cramer Answers 5 Questions For Investors Using Their Heads and Hearts

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Jim Cramer weighs in on what investors need to know about keeping a focus on their portfolios while the coronavirus pandemic disrupts everyday lives.

He gave some advice for investors looking for some guidance on what they should be doing with their portfolios as the market is ever volatile.

"Well, we've been back and forth at the Action Alerts. I'm just going back and forth by email with Jeff. We were tempted to try to figure out what we can trim here. I mean, we've got 10% cash. That's not what you should have if you have a giant move here. You probably should go to 12, 13%. But I like the stocks that we have so much. We got rid of a lot of Home Depot at a higher level. I still wish we had some of that. But that's really the only one that we trimmed that I feel that it was bad that we trimmed. I'd like to be bigger in Verizon because Verizon shows you that we are in a recession. And Colgate. We've got some real interesting barbell names. We bought Broadcom, and I think a lot of people might have felt that Broadcom was a mistake, but we're up huge now in Broadcom. A huge winner, Salesforce, that we bought. And it's nice to see the banks, where we've given up so much of the gains, come back," explained Cramer. 

Watch the full video to see what other questions he answered.

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