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Jim Cramer's Takeaway From Elon Musk's  Antigen COVID-19 Test Tweet

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Elon Musk took to Twitter to discuss the test results from four rapid antigen tests that he took.

"Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for covid four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD," Elon Musk tweeted early Friday morning. 

"The reported rate of false negative results is as high as 50%, which is why antigen tests are not favored by the FDA as a single test for active infection," wrote Dr. Robert Shmerling, Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing on Harvard Health Publishing's website.

Jim Cramer weighs in on the importance of PCR testing, which is more accurate, and the major players behind PCR testing.

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