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Jim Cramer and Marc Chaikin Bite Into FANG

Watch to see what Jim Cramer and Marc Chaikin have to say about FANG.
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Jim Cramer sat down with the founder and CEO of Chaikin Analytics, Marc Chaikin, for an hour long webinar focusing on the market. 

Here's what the two stock market veterans had to say about the FANG stocks. 


Facebook (FB) - Get Report has had a rough couple of months

"After months of intense criticism around fake news, sketchy ad spending and other inauthentic behavior centered around U.S. politics, Tuesday's midterm elections became a focal point for just how effectively Facebook (FB - Get Report) has been cleaning up its platform. Owing in part to its heavier spending on security issues, Facebook's stock is down 17% year to date," wrote TheStreet's Annie Gaus. 

"Facebook, I think, has seen its day in the sun," said Chaikin. 

He explained that "Facebook user impression's down. Instagram is flat. You've got the Democrats in the House and they're very nervous about security and privacy issues."


Here's why the two like Amazon AMZN.

"Amazon I like," Chaikin told Cramer. "You can't bearish on Amazon, you just have to find the right spot to buy."

The retailer just announced that it plans to split its HQ2 between New York and Virginia


The online streaming giant has most recently been upgraded to a buy at Buckingham Research.

"Although we had been skeptical on its elevated stock price, we have always viewed Netflix as the continued top streaming category winner," Buckingham analyst Matthew Harrigan said in a note to investors.

Chaikin discussed why he's not as big of a fan of Netflix.

Chaikin said, "Everybody has bought into the fact that they are the 'King of Streaming.' Well, streaming means new content."

"But, this highlights the problem. [Netflix] is a movie studio with streaming distribution...and these are costly production products that they're putting out," said Chaikin.

Cramer then said, "Let's sell Netflix...let's just sell it. I mean for those who are watching the webinar, sell Netflix."


Google (GOOGL) - Get Report is a mixed bag according to the two experts. 

Chaikin said, "I love Senteen and you've gotta ignore the negative money flow. In Google, you don't have to because it's pervasive."