Jim Cramer: Americans Need a Deal on the Stimulus Plan

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Wall Street, and the average American, are eagerly awaiting news around the $2 trillion stimulus package that's been suggested to help businesses and the American as the coronavirus pandemic shuts down parts of America.

Jim Cramer weighed in on what Americans need to hear from Capitol Hill to feel reassured that the government is watching out for them.

Video Transcript:

Katherine Ross:
Let's take this from a larger leadership scale. What does the average person at this point need to hear from our leadership, from our government that they're not just looking to bail out Wall Street?

Jim Cramer:
[They need a deal] That's what they need to hear. The reason why the market is up so much is because it's anticipating that Speaker Pelosi is going to be good to her word and we get a deal done. Oil just reversed. That's not good. Oil is just playing just a very insidious role. There are signs that are good.

Jim Cramer:
Zoom's down 21 and that's important because Zoom is stay-at-home economy and I've been featuring stay-at-home economy on Mad Money. I do believe that if you see Zoom down it's possible that other things could go up. I don't like the way the market trades. It trades in ridiculous increments and what happens when it trades like that is that we lose people from the asset class again. They've got to try to figure out how to make it so that the machines are not so fast because what happens is let's say you wanted to buy some Nvidia. Okay, you come in, you want to buy some InVideo. Well it was up 30. I mean, up 30. Nothing happened to InVideo. So there's a lot of stupid things and they happen to be done by machines. There are very few people will come in and say, "Listen, I want to buy Nvidia.

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