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Jim Cramer Wants You to Diversify Your Portfolio

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"Where did the buyers go? What happened to all of the enthusiasm around the big themes like electric vehicles and fuel cells of all kinds and gambling and crypto derivatives? Where are all of the buyers of the SPACs? What happened to those who believed in Snowflake (SNOW) or loved DoorDash (DASH) ?"

 Jim Cramer wrote in his Real Money column on Tuesday morning. "And, most glaring, what happened to those who loved GameStop (GME) and AMC (AMC) more than life itself? I think these are all legitimate questions to ask."

"In the end, that's the word these younger investors feel: abandoned. They don't know what happened to the Gods of momentum. They don't know how fickle they can be. They want their money back just like they would get it back if it were a broken vacuum cleaner. They need to learn a new phrase: caveat emptor. It is far more fitting," he continued. 

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