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Why Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus Likes Disney

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Is it time to get into Disney (DIS) - Get The Walt Disney Company Report ?

Jim Cramer's Action Alerts Plus investing club has been a long-term holder of Disney. 

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst, weighed in on why Action Alerts Plus still likes Disney and how the portfolio would advise members. 

"My only issue right now is that it's run so much into this event that the question is will it lived up to expectations. So we what we generally advise in Action Alerts Plus in this type of scenario is you buy a little bit before, if it comes in you, you buy a little bit after. I mean into this event, I've heard the bear case being okay, will the Disney products have enough to really engage subscribers? Will it be binge worthy so to speak, like Netflix, and I would come back and argue--well, they just bought all of this content from Fox. That's going to be what you need. It's not like not a Netflix right away had the binge-worthy stuff," said Marks.

"So I mean, with the Fox family of networks, when they picked up the channels like FX, I think that's going to get people onto the platform right away," he continued. "It's going to have an attractive price point as well. So, I think the event will go well. So again, you buy a little bit before you buy a little bit after, but I liked this as a long term holding. We've owned it for action on our spots for awhile. So I like it."

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