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ICYMI: Jim Cramer and the AAP Call June Highlights

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ICYMI: Jim Cramer and the Action Alerts Plus team recently held their June Meeting of the Action Alerts PLUS investing club.

Jim Cramer: Quick Takes on Nvidia, Marvell, and Microsoft

Marvell ( (MRVL) - Get Free Report) just reported. And it was a magnificent quarter in part because of a purchase of a small company that enables - that they made -- that enables hypercomputing. You know, in a great quarter. But, you know, that hypercomputing is bigger than 5G now, which I was surprised by, but that's because sales are so great.

OK. Microsoft ( (MSFT) - Get Free Report). It's moved up on a delayed action to its great quarter. It remains inexpensive despite its historic growth rate and its consistency. And do I care that [CEO Satya] Nadella was named chairman? Hey, listen, we have stocks that go up like that, naming guys chairman every day of the week.

Why isn't the team taking profits on Nvidia ( (NVDA) - Get Free Report)? You'll want to hear his response here.

Jim Cramer Lauds Jay Powell - ‘The People’s Fed Chief’

"Powell seems to have an innate understanding of how this country cannot have two classes, one beyond-your-dreams rich and one that struggles to put food on the table every night. He knows that the elected officials have failed to do anything about it, other than to perhaps provide too much stimulus to many who did not need it and not enough stimulus to people who did."   He had so much more to say about Powell, see here.

Jim Cramer Discusses the Prospects for Higher Interest Rates

"My final concern: I do think that at a certain point there will be a real issue with the Fed, but it won't be anywhere around these levels of inflation or of economic activity.

I think that once the stimulus runs out and the consumers decide they aren't paying up anymore, and we have a more normal supply chain that will not be hurt by COVID, things will calm down. Runaway inflation won't be a problem if we remove the tariff on wood with Canada if we get some port coordinators who know what they're doing, and more people will learn how to drive trucks, for heaven's sake, if everyone got vaccinated, most of these inflation problems would go away," says Cramer.  He discusses the impact this could have on industrials, here.

See the full meeting on Action Alerts PLUS. Not a member? Sign up here.

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