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Corlex Capital CEO Advises: Build and Hone Skills, Act With Thought and Impact

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Corlex Capital CEO Jason Bedasse went from being a Wall Street hedge fund manager to founding his own private equity firm.

Bedasse learned a lot of lessons on the way to Corlex Capital, he shared them with TheStreet's Tony Owusu.

"It is important to be thoughtful and impactful in everything that you try to do. When you're thinking you don't always be the smartest person in the room, but if you're thinking it means you put in the time to really understand and hone your skills to be impactful," Bedasse told TheStreet.

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As part of TheStreet's Black History Month coverage, we sat down with Jason Bedasse to talk about his Wall Street journey and how he hopes to be the black mentor for African Americans in the finance industry that he never had. 

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Check out the video above for the full interview. 

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