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From Class Scholar to First Female Treasury Secretary: Janet Yellen's Story

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Women's History Month continues with a look back at Janet Yellen's incredible illustrious career.

January 26, 2021, Yellen became the first woman to serve as the United States secretary of the treasury. She got her start in Brooklyn, NY, and showed signs of early success at New York's Hamilton High School.  Yellen was named "most likely to succeed" and class scholar. No question, a true trailblazer in the making.

Here's a timeline of the many times Janet Yellen broke that proverbial 'glass ceiling'.

  • 1997: The second woman to head Council of Economic Advisors (under President Bill Clinton).
  • 2004: President of the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco
  • 2005: Warns of a housing bubble
  • 2010: Nominated vice-chair of the Federal Reserve
  • 2014: The first woman to head the Fed, serving as the 15th Federal Reserve Chair
  • 2021: Under President Joe Biden becomes the first woman to take the helm as Treasury Secretary.

Yellen is the first person in history to lead the three most powerful economic bodies in the United States.

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Editor's note: this video was produced by TheStreet's Justin Ho

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