Rapper Jadakiss Shares Business Lessons He's Learned From Jay-Z

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Rapper Jadakiss is dropping his fifth studio album Ignatius on Friday, March 6.

The musical artist sat down with Sports Illustrated to discuss his new album and what it's been like to learn from fellow rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z. Jadakiss signed with Jay-Z's label, Roc Nation, in 2018. Jadakiss told Sports Illustrated that working with Jay-Z has taught him "the sky's not the limit, it's only the view." 

"They might judge where you started, but what really counts is where you end up," he added. "Once you get your foot in the door, there's no telling what you can do. Save you money, become an entrepreneur..."

Rapper Jadakiss has indeed embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. Jadakiss and fellow rapper Styles P have been running Juices for Life—a juice bar which promotes healthy living—in New York.

Jadakiss also highlights the importance of having great people on a team.

"Get a good, tight-knit staff around you and go to the top," he said.

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