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Exclusive: Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Vows Jalen Ramsey Will Play Week 6

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Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shahid Khan talked to TheStreet about the Jacksonville Jaguars, sports betting and whether or not Jalen Ramsey, cornerback for the Jaguars, is coming to play on week six. 

When asked whether or not he'd consider trading Ramsey, Khan said that he understands value and said that Ramsey will play week six. 

"Well, I think [Jalen Ramsey] is going to be playing this week, and hopefully you'll tune into the [New Orleans] Saints game, but I think gotta balance what's good for the team and what the individual wishes may be...I met with [Ramsey] a couple of days ago, had a heart-to-heart and I think we'll be able to come to whatever makes sense for all," Khan told TheStreet.

However, Ramsey disputes the claim that he'll be returning to play this week against the Saints, per Sports Illustrated's Michael Shapiro. Ramsey reportedly said he will "listen to his body."

The cornerback has been off the Jaguar's lineup since the team's September 19 matchup against the Tennessee Titans. The question now is what would his return mean for the Jaguars? 

"Simply put, having Ramsey available Sunday would be a blessing for [defensive coordinator Todd] Wash and a defense which has allowed 51 points over the last two games. Wash said Ramsey's presence alone creates an impact, and this would be especially important against [Saints wide receiver Michael] Thomas," wrote Jaguars Maven John Shipley.

Shipley was on the ground in Jacksonville for the press conference after Khan told TheStreet that Ramsey was planning on playing.

And just as importantly, what does this all mean for your Fantasy football team? Bull Market Fantasy's Bill Enright weighed in, "[Ramsey's return is] bad news for New Orleans wide receiver Michael Thomas and anyone with the Saints stud on their fantasy football team. Ramsey is a fantasy manager's worst nightmare. He has shut down opposing wide receivers week in and week out throughout his career including holding DeAndre Hopkins to five catches for 40 yards, his lowest total of the season, in Week 2."

But Ramsey wasn't the only thing on Khan's mind, he also weighed in on sports betting, since he's the chairman of the legalized gambling committee of the NFL. Catch his full take in the video above. 

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