Is Powell Prepared to Pause Further in 2019?

What to expect as Powell's policies push into the New Year.
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The Federal Reserve is garnering a lot of attention for how it affects financial markets, not least from the Oval Office.

The tightening policy is fueling a great deal of apprehension in the market as many, TheStreet founder and Action Alerts Plus portfolio manager Jim Cramer included.

In essence, many feel that the Fed is tightening too much, too fast and may not realize the consequences of its actions before it is too late.

Jerome Powell appears to have backed off of his previous statements from October that signaled significant rate hiking ahead. 

For a take on what to expect from upcoming Fed meetings, Real Money's Kevin Curran sat down with Wilmington Trust's Chief Economist Luke Tilley for a rundown of what to expect from Powell and the Fed in the months that lay ahead.

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