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Is Now the Time to Be in Tech? Experts Weigh in

Interested in the tech sector? Check out what investors have to say before putting any money into it.

The tech sector is a huge investing spot for investors. 

The overall market volatility may be scary, especially since it's earnings season, but investors shouldn't be scared away from the whole sector.

Jim Cramer, whose Action Alerts Plus members club is invested heavily in tech, has come out in support of the sector. 

Here are top takeaways that experts at the Trading Strategies panel hosted by Charles Schwab. 

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Tech Is the Place to Be

"I think technology is a great place to be, I'm wondering whether technology might actually be at 40% when you consider all the things that aren't consumer durables that are embedded in capital spending that aren't necessarily included in the S&P 500 technology sector, and by the way in 1999, the tech sector at its peak accounted for something like 18% of the earning share of the S&P 500, and almost two, three times that in terms of market cap share, so it was insane," said Ed Yardeni, president of Yardeni Research. "Here, well I think we got the 25% earning share, and I think we're still there, and yet the market cap share which got the 28% is probably back down to 25 or 24%..."

It's Not a 'Crazy' Expensive' Sector

Yardeni also likes the price tag of tech. 

"So it's not a crazy expensive sector, and I completely agree with labor shortages everybody's paranoid that it's gonna lead to higher wages," said Yardeni. "Which there's nothing wrong with that if it's based on productivity, and I think it is going to be based on productivity. If you can't find workers, do you really want to bid up."