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Is Corporate Action Against President Trump Bullish for Stocks?

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Lawmakers in D.C. have certified President-elect Biden's victory over incumbent President Donald Trump. However, the certification process, which was largely thought to be ceremonial, was disrupted yesterday when insurrectionists breached the Capitol building and forced it to go into lockdown with the nation's lawmakers locked inside. 

Following the breach, Twitter announced that it had taken down three tweets, including a video from Trump where he told the insurrectionists to go home and be peaceful but also said that he "loved" them. 

It also announced that Trump was suspended from the platform for 12 hours and that another violation of their policies could result in the permanent removal of Trump's account from the platform. 

Meanwhile, Facebook removed a post and the video and suspended him for 24 hours from Facebook and Instagram. Then, on Thursday morning, the company announced that it was suspending Trump from the platform until Jan. 20. 

And Amazon's Twitch also deactivated Trump from their platform until Jan. 20.

Kenny Polcari, managing partner at Kace Capital Advisors, discussed why the corporate action against Trump is actually bullish for stocks.

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