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Is AmazonBooks That Different Than The Stores They're Putting Out Of Business?

Why even go in when you already have free two-day shipping?

We went into the new physical AmazonBooks (AMZN) store located in Columbus Circle of NYC and these were our main takeaways. 

1. It's more experiential than anything else 
Amazon knows what books people are more likely to purchase, and included those in the store along with Amazon's most popular tech products like the Kindle and Echo.

2. Amazon Prime members get discounted prices 
If you're not a Prime member you have to pay the list price for the book, which can be vastly different than the Prime price. So if you're going into AmazonBooks you're almost definitely already a Prime member 

3. You can check prices and pay through your Amazon app
By scanning the barcode via the Amazon app you can see its Prime price, and at the checkout can pay for anything via your existing Amazon account. Which isn't that different than ApplePay (AAPL) or the Starbucks (SBUX) app. 

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4. The books are displayed with their covers out 
The most visible difference was that books aren't displayed with their spines facing the customer, but their cover. 

5. Reviews of each book are underneath the display 
An Amazon review along with their star rating is visible underneath each book 

But really, is this vastly different than a  Barnes & Noble (BKS) ?

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This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.