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Is a Recession Coming? Our Experts Answer (Watch!)

Everyone is wondering when the bull market will come to a screeching halt. Watch this video to find out.

Is there a recession coming? It seems to be the top-of-mind-question these days. 

First, let's back up and define a recession.  Basically, the economy needs to decline for at least six months before we can start using the "recession" word. And while we just came off a great GDP number, everyone is waiting for the shoe to drop on the bull market run we have had for a while now.

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So we called in some pros to weigh in on all of it. We got Michael Hans, managing director and CIO of Clarfeld Financial Advisors Steve Chiavarone, VP and portfolio manager at Federated Investors, outside of the NYSE to break it all down.

But here's a hint: Cyclicals are leading the market and discretionary stocks our outperforming consumer staples.  That's all good news but watch the video above now for more!