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What Investors Should Watch in the Markets Next Week

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Happy Fri-yay!

But with the end of one week comes the beginning of another. 

So, how can investors prepare themselves for the next week of trading? Here's what Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle is watching in the markets.

Guilfoyle details the macroeconomic events that every investor should be wary of and what he's doing to protect themselves. 

It all depends on the trade condition with Mexico. It all depends--If we get past the job numbers--on CPI, on industrial production next week, I have a number of another number of other macroeconomic events that come up before June 19th I think, as long as it is belief that the Fed is going to cut short term interest rates at least once and right now there certainly is, as long as there's still optimism around the Mexican trade condition, not reaching the worst levels that it can get you, as long as the possibility of a warm day to China deal isn't completely off the table. Yeah, the market can go on. But if all these possibly negative factors remain on the table, you have to temper your bets. You can't be all in. You're better off still having enough cash so you can respond with something that's in your opinion, artificially cheap, and you still have to respect your targets and your panics.

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