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How Investors Can Protect Themselves From Paradigm Shifts in the Market

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Doug Kass, a contributor for Real Money and author of Doug's Daily Diary, penned a piece focusing on seven worrisome paradigm shifts that he's eyeing in the market. 

Investors can read more about the specific shifts--which include things such as the Modern Monetary Theory--over on Real Money

However, investors may not need to know Kass's specific shifts in order to protect themselves from general paradigm shifts in the market. 

Kass broke down his advice for investors who are starting to feel anxious.

"If you consider the magnitude, the seismic impact that these paradigm shifts have on politics, the economy and our markets and that...the S&P, for example, is only a couple percent off of its all-time highs. It's probably a good time to become a bit more risk-averse. Reduce the size of your positions, be more diversified and consider that there is an alternative. You know, that expression, TINA, there is no alternative to stocks. Well, there is an alternative, you could get almost 2.3% in rolling over three-month treasury bills," he said. 

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