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Investors Need to Be Patient, Says NYSE Trader

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It's been a rough start to the week for the stock market. 

So, when the Dow is dropping as much as it has during trading on Monday, what should investors do?

Matthew Cheslock, equity trader at Virtu Financial talked to TheStreet about what investors should do when all major indexes are down. 

"Investors should probably be patient. I mean that's clearly what we're talking about. We've had a historic run to highs. We've backed off a little bit. A lot of it is predicated on what's going on with the U.S.-China lack of talks because they're not even talks anymore. So you can be patient right now and see if you get some of these positions, some of these names that you had been looking forward to buying, see if they can come your way," advised Cheslock. 

Cheslock also broke down what he thinks will happen as the week progresses.

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